By Raffi

First Published 1878

Translated by Beyon Miloyan and Kimberley McFarlane

First published in 1878 in the Armenian language by the prolific writer Raffi, Jalaleddin follows the story of a young man with nothing to lose as he embarks on a journey through the valleys and peaks of the Eastern Anatolian Mountains to rediscover a treasure he lost long ago. Based on events that took place during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, this short yet vivid narrative intensely portrays the human spirit in all its capacity for love and hate, war and peace, civility and wildness, and destruction and self-sacrifice.

Hakob Melik Hakobian, better known as Raffi, was born in the Persian village of Payajuk in 1835 to a family of wealthy merchants. He was educated in Tbilisi, before he took over the family textile business. Thereafter, he taught and travelled extensively throughout Armenia, Transcaucasia, and eastern Anatolia (historical Armenia), and dedicated his life to writing. Raffi is among Armenia’s literary treasures. He wrote over a dozen novels, short stories and poems, and pioneered the Armenian historical novel.

Length: 91 pages
Format: eBook (Kindle and iBooks) and Paperback
Publication Date: March 9, 2019
Original Language: Armenian
Translated Language: English
Additional Materials: Translator’s Note, Map, Footnotes, Afterword

Armenia and the Campaign of 1877

Readers interested in learning more about the history behind Jalaleddin may appreciate Armenia and the Campaign of 1877 by Charles B. Norman, a British correspondent based in the Ottoman Empire during the Russo-Turkish War. This work, first published in 1878, is an independent source that provides concordant information with the historical details in Jalaleddin.

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Jalaleddin: Chapter One

The month of May, 1877 was approaching its end. On one of the Liana plains of Aghbak, a few black tents, barely visible in the morning fog, were arranged beside one another, with a sizable space in the middle.

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