Born in 1878 and raised in Constantinople (Istanbul) at a time when women’s roles were largely restricted to the domestic circle, Zabel Yesayan defied conventions throughout her life. After graduating from school and deciding that she wanted to pursue a literary career, she travelled to France to study literature and philosophy at the Sorbonne University. She became a prolific writer, and eventually returned to Constantinople after the Young Turk Revolution of 1908. When the Armenian Genocide tragically followed a few years later, she had become so widely acclaimed that she was the only woman included on the list of Armenian writers and intellectuals who were targeted by the Ottoman authorities for arrest, deportation, and murder on April 24, 1915. Despite this, she managed to escape and eventually settled in Soviet Armenia where she continued to write until her tragic death following her arrest and imprisonment in during the “Great Purge” at the age of 65.